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New Year, New Compliance:

What to Focus on in 2016

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Find out what compliance changes are in store for 2016, and how to prepare.

Compliance_in_2016_thumb.pngThe year 2015 proved to be a busy one for OFCCP, and in 2016 the agency shows no signs of slowing down. Between the first full year of compliance for most federal contractors under the new PV and IWD regulations, various proposed regulatory changes, an election year, and more in-depth audit activity, 2016 will be a year full of change for both OFCCP and contractors.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • How OFCCP is analyzing AAPs after a full year under the new regulations
  • OFCCP’s Fall 2015 Regulatory Agenda—what to look for in 2016
  • Regulatory changes including gender identity, pay transparency, and paid sick leave
  • Impact of election year on federal contractors
  • Predicted audit focus for 2016

Understanding what OFCCP has in store for 2016 is vital for protecting your company from potential liability.

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