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Trump First 100 Days

PODCAST: Expert Summarizes Trump’s First 100 Days in 8 Minutes

In this podcast, Lynn Clements, Berkshire’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, summarizes regulatory and enforcement issues within President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. She also covers three important things federal contractors need to do during this time of transition....

Lessons Learned from OFCCP FY 2016 Conciliation Agreements

View the 2017 ILG National Conference Recap Webinar

“Strategy, Access, and Leadership in San Antonio” (SALSA) was the theme for the 2017 ILG National Conference. On August 16, Berkshire’s expert and Vice President of Client Services, Cheryl Boyer, recapped the best “SALSA” moments from the conference in the ILG National Conference Recap Webinar. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

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PODCAST: Creating AAP Job Groups: It’s an Art, Not a Science!

Lynn talks about the rules employers must follow to create job groups and why employers should regularly review and update their job group structure. Additionally, she provides a handy resource for AAP professionals, “Five Tips for Creating Strategic AAP Job Groups,” as a take-away reference.

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Creating AAP Job Groups— It’s an Art, Not a Science!

Job groups are the unit of analysis for many required affirmative action plan components. Creating job groups that best reflect your organization is the key to ensuring your AAP is a useful management tool and mitigates compliance risks. Read more  

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The New EEO-1 Report: What You Need to Know

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced revisions to the EEO-1 Report that will require most organizations to submit employee pay data to the federal government annually. Read more.

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Strategically Managing Applicant Data: How to Make the Most of Your Recruitment Efforts

Tracking applicant data is an important component of compliance with affirmative action requirements. Not only is it required, but if done strategically, can provide insight to your company’s hiring practices and mitigate risks. Read more. 

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