Pizza Hut’s New Brand: What HR Can Learn about Employer Branding

Following two years of declining sales, Pizza Hut has recently launched a new brand. Pizza Hut hopes...

Posted by Berkshire on December 19 2014

Following two years of declining sales, Pizza Hut has recently launched a new brand. Pizza Hut hopes re-branding will assist them in retaining current customers and attracting new business. While your organization may not need to think of a creative way to make pizza, all organizations experience the need to build, or re-build, an employer brand—specifically for the purpose of retaining and attracting top talent. When building a new employer brand, Pizza Hut used three important steps which all organizations can learn from.


An employer brand is the perception both current and potential employees have of an organization. While testing flavors and new ideas for their pizza, Pizza Hut conducted research on customer food trends, as well as asked real customers to go to their world headquarters to try new flavors with Pizza Hut’s Executive Chefs. By directly engaging with customers and their target audience, Pizza Hut was able to get immediate feedback on popular preferences. This same tactic can be used by organizations with their employees and potential candidates. The goal is not only to attract top talent, but have the ability to retain that talent as well. Here are four ways companies can engage with employees and potential candidates:

  • Employee surveys: a great way to conduct your own research on the likes, dislikes, and suggestions of employees
  • Open door policies: encourage open communication and feedback between managers and employees
  • Study trends: Find out where you are most likely to find your potential candidates. Which social media sites do they use? Should you post jobs on job boards, or will you get a better response from a career fair or social network?
  • Interact: post content on your company’s website and social media sites, encouraging people in your industry to interact with you and view your organization as an industry expert.


An innovative, compelling, and strong employer brand is imperative to any successful business. After conducting surveys and other research, Pizza Hut started the re-branding process. Complete with a new logo, new pizza box, and over 20 new pizza options—they took the feedback from customers and target audience and created a new brand. Pizza Hut is recruiting new customers, similar to the way companies should recruit and then retain top talent. Learn about your employees and potential candidates through engagement, and build a brand that will ensure your company is being viewed as an industry leader.


Social media sites are an avenue through which an employer brand can be expressed. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter increase the employer brand through brand visibility. Pizza Hut used numerous hash tags, videos, and pictures to promote their new brand and pizza choice—and you can do the same. Social media recruitment is progressing at a fast pace. Organizations can use these sites to showcase their brand and show candidates what it is like to work for their companies. If candidates are attracted to the culture of your company, they are more likely to want to work for you. After you take into consideration the desires of current employees and learn the trends of potential candidates to build a compelling brand, social media networks create channels through which that brand can be experienced.

Pizza Hut set a great example of the proper way to revamp an employer brand. As we approach 2015, now is a great time to take the steps to attract and retain top talent while implementing these best practices for strengthening your employer brand.

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